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Many of us have been impacted by cancer in some way throughout our lives. For me, it was with my father and my brother. Unfortunately, my father passed of colon cancer when I was at a very young age. My brother was diagnosed when he was only a few years old with leukemia, but because of incredible doctors (one of which I am named after) along with a bone marrow transplant, my brother is 35+ years in remission. Had the person who was a bone marrow match for my brother not been a registered donor, who knows what would have happened to my brother. That's what leads me to today - I am partnering with DKMS to get as many people on the registry as possible. It is very simple to sign up - After completing the registration, they will mail you EVERYTHING you need. From there, all you have to do is swab your mouth for 3 MINUTES, mail it back, and who knows, you could save someone else's brother's life as well.

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Adam White