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Pfizer Donor Drive

The Inflammation and Immunology Give Forward Team is hosting their first bone marrow/stem cell donor virtual drive in April. Individuals are invited to attend our virtual drive from May 17th-June 18th (“Give forward Day”).

Simply click the register now button, fill out an online registration form, and wait for your swab packet to be delivered to your house free of charge.

The national bone marrow registry benefits patients with blood cancers and blood diseases in search of a bone marrow transplant. Only 30% of people searching for a match will find one from a family member, which means 70% must rely on a stranger from the national registry. Registering puts you on the list until you are 61 years old and DKMS will reach out if you are ever matched to a patient in need.

"I asked God to allow me to do something bigger than myself" -Corey Sully, Rare Cardiac Senior Health and Science Specialist, Pfizer.

Give Forward is Pfizer’s community engagement initiative that provides colleagues opportunities to create positive change where they live and work, and beyond. Through online tools, programs and rewards, Give Forward helps colleagues identify, connect with and amplify their impact for the organizations/causes they find most meaningful.

You have the chance to change the course of someone's life with a simple cheek swab!

DKMS Contact Person

Iris Caldwell
Donor Recruitment Coordinator

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