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Nora Kay is a 5-year-old girl who has been described by her doctors as a medical unicorn. Nora Kay was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer known as Hepatosplenic T-cell Lymphoma. Only 30-40 people in the world have ever been diagnosed with this type of cancer. Nora Kay's doctors have determined that her only chance for a cure is a bone marrow transplant. We need YOU to help us find her perfect match!

You could be the one person who could be a lifesaver for Nora Kay or someone else in need! Anyone between the ages of 18-55 and in general good health can request a kit above. Request a kit, swab your cheek, and mail it back to become a lifesaver in waiting!

DKMS Contact Person

Adam White

Sign up for a swab kit online. It only takes 5 minutes. You provide hope. We cover the rest.