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Neo's Story

NEO NEEDS YOUR HELP! Neo (7) was diagnosed with Fanconi Anaemia (FA) in April 2019 at the tender age of 4. His parents, Phoebus and Paballo Mere, feared that their son would carry this genetic mutation that their daughter, Thato Mere (12) was diagnosed with in 2017. Thato received a blood stem cell transplant in October 2021 and now has a full and happy childhood. Neo needs his second chance at life and you could be his genetic match.

Neo’s parents noticed that he had the same persistent symptoms as his sister: uncontrollable nose bleeds, debilitating fatigue, prominent bruising, and fevers and infections that left little Neo’s immune system compromised. Although currently receiving treatment at the Donald Gordon Medical Centre Neo still needs to find his genetic match to receive a blood stem cell transplant.

Despite all the treatments, Neo has remained bubbly and hopeful with his sister Thato by his side giving him support, strength, love, and guidance from personal experience. Both parents have stood beside their children through late-night rushes to the hospital, overnight stays, and time away from work while remaining pillars of strength for their babies.

This heightens the need of finding a donor within the same ethnic background so patients like Neo can find their genetic match. If you are between the ages of 18 and 55, to become a blood stem cell donor. Once you’ve registered a swab kit will be couriered at no cost to you. It takes five minutes to register but the impact could last a lifetime.

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