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You could be someone’s second chance, you could be their cure, you could save a life!

Marrow Mates Inc. is a bone marrow transplant advocacy program based in St. Petersburg, FL. Marrow Mates focuses its efforts on finding marrow donor matches for individuals with diverse ethnic backgrounds that have been unsuccessful finding a match using traditional recruitment methods.

Through its Extended Family Donor Search (EFDS) program, Marrow Mates leverages genetic genealogy platforms such as and 23andMe to conduct virtual registry drives. Outreach is targeted to a patient’s own DNA relatives, resulting in a higher percentage of registrants matching the patient’s own ethnicity. Our virtual registry drive is globally reaching, digitally executed, and genetically precise.

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It costs us $45 to register a new donor on the US stem cell registry. As a charity, we rely on monetary donations and funds raised by members of the public such as yourself to help cover this cost. To donate, please click the green button.

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