Luke and the Lost Bell

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Brent and Megan Miller, Luke’s parents, said they first noticed his enlarged lymph node while away from their Huntersville home. Luke had just turned three and started preschool, so the first treatment was antibiotics, which initially reduced the lump. When it returned, further tests were ordered, and Luke was diagnosed with stage III T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma in October 2021.

The Millers transformed from parents to caregivers and put their son through what felt like torturous experiences – nine transfusions, 12 spinal taps, 132 rounds of chemotherapy, and 998 days of in-home chemo treatments.

However, Luke always had a positive attitude and weathered his treatments well.“There is a stigma with cancer, and not that it’s not scary, but you see a lot of it on the news and in the papers – things that cause it, things that heighten it – but you don’t know what you’re up against until you’re in it.”

Now on a mission to spread hope from hurt, Megan Miller has created a heartwarming children's book, "Luke and the Lost Bell to help young Pediatric Cancer patients and their parents better understand the journey they are about to embark on. Through vivid storytelling and enchanting illustrations, children will learn about the rollercoaster of emotions that come with battling cancer, the importance of support from loved ones and nonprofits, and the indescribable joy of ringing the bell after being declared cancer-free.

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