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Kendra with her cards from family and friends

“There is a positive in all things”, a statement Kendra Wethington Mamaw Norma would frequently say to her. Kendra is looking for her hero, her genetic twin that can provide her with a stem cell donation. Kendra has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, and has been unsuccessful with finding a donor so far. However, Kendra is teaming up with DKMS to potentially find her match. Kendra (22), is from Liberty, Kentucky and before having to medically withdraw from school was studying to become a physical therapy assistant for pediatric patients. Kendra is hopeful that one day she can carry out her passion and love for working within the medical field. Kendra is a selfless individual who dreams of raising a family, a future of helping others, and lastly sharing her love for God to those around her. Kendra is in desperate need for her genetic twin, and finding a donor. Kendra would love for everyone who can to register, and potentially be her hero or others that are facing a similar situation like herself.

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Iris Caldwell
Donor Recruitment Coordinator

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