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Life was normal and then just like that it all changes...

Every day we go about our day thinking all moments are guaranteed. And so, it was a day just like any other, except on this day someone in my life along with multitudes of strangers in the same situation, got a call they never expected regarding the results of lab work performed during a routine physical.

“Your lab results are back. Your white blood cell count is extremely low. You need go to the emergency room right away to be admitted for further testing.”

A week later, the diagnosis: not one, but TWO blood disorders: Myelofibrosis and Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) which is preleukemia – it may progress to leukemia.

These disorders/blood diseases prevent their bone marrow from making healthy blood cells that sustain life. Unfortunately, no relatives have been identified as potential donors. There are over 15K US patients in desperate need of a bone marrow/stem cell transplant for a second chance at life.

There is no other cure for these diseases. WE NEED YOUR HELP!! YOU may very well be that donor someone is waiting for. You can save a life!

Today, my loved one - who was otherwise perfectly healthy a couple of months ago – has preleukemia. With no related donors identified we need bone marrow/stem cell transplant from an unrelated donor. We need YOU!

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Both Myelofibrosis and MDS are uncommon bone marrow cancer/disorders most often diagnosed in people over 50/60 years old. My loved one, who is need desperate need of a bone marrow transplant, is not over 50! This is a total shocker! Months ago, they were perfectly healthy! Today, no healthy blood cells. It is very difficult to understand why cancer and diseases identified with those of advanced age affect younger and younger people every day. It is extremely hard for me to accept this. Perhaps they were exposed to certain chemicals and radiation during their life and/or career??? But whatever the reason is WE CAN ALL HELP!

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In taking the time to join the bone marrow registry, with something as simple as swabbing the cheek, those registering not only help increase the odds of identifying a donor for my family member, but you also increase the chances of finding a match for all others awaiting a bone marrow/stem cell transfer. We especially must increase all ethnic groups in the donor registry.

I would like to see if you would be willing to help increase the odds of finding a bone marrow donor to save lives! Anyone in general good health between the ages of 18 – 55 can sign up to be a potential donor through DKMS.

Signing up is totally free of charge as DKMS covers the cost of processing each sample. Best of all you can be the key to SAVE A LIFE!

Maybe you are scared to donate bone marrow – is it painful??? Have no fear. Most donors are asked to donate stem cells which are taken out of the blood stream like donating plasma or platelets. Typically the patients who need actual bone marrow (which is extracted from the pelvic bone through a surgical syringe while the donor is under anesthesia) are young patients under the age of 3.

Getting as many people, especially those with the same ethnic background. In my case, Hispanic – Dominicans to be exact – people of color, is important as it increases the likelihood of finding a donor!

I desperately need your help to (1) not only get you on the bone marrow registry (super easy and totally pain-free) but by also (2) spreading the word to get as many people - especially people of color on the registry!!! The chances of a Hispanic finding a matched unrelated donor (MUD) is 48%!! That number is far too low!!!

Nos temenos que unir to tip the scales to raise the odds of deleting blood cancers and disorders!

Today, I shamelessly ask for my ethnic group: Hispanics – particularly those of Dominican descent – to get on the bone marrow donor registry and help raise the odds of finding my loved one a match. But even if you are not Hispanic or a person of color, the goal is the same for all of us: to give someone a second chance at life

Be that HERO! There is someone on this registry (over 15,000 individuals) waiting for that special someONE to be their donor!

DKMS Contact Person

Amy Roseman
Donor Recruiter

Sign up for a swab kit online. It only takes 5 minutes. You provide hope. We cover the rest.