Isaura "Jessie" Green Donor Registration Drive

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My brother, Pedro a Dominican American who retired from the US Army veteran less than 3 years ago, was recently diagnosed with two rare blood disorders one of which is pre-leukemia. The only curative treatment is undergoing a bone marrow transplant. We are desperately searching for a matched donor to save his life by donate healthy stem cells so he can get a transplant.

The FBIRA is partnering with DKMS to host a registration drive to find both bone marrow and stem cell donors to help expand the registry and potentially provide patients with a second chance at life.

  • Click on register now to answer eligibility questions (18-55 in good health )
  • Enter your contact information
  • Receive the swab kit with instructions on how to swab your cheeks
  • Send it back with the pre-paid label

DKMS Contact Person

Iris Caldwell