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In honor of Bree, her family carries on with courage to share her story in hopes that more people with join the registry, continuing her legacy of helping others.

"I have made it my life goal, however short or long, to get as many people signed up on the donor list as possible! I know it can save lives and want to do my best to contribute towards giving people a second chance at life!" - Bree

Bree loved life. She loved her family, her husband, her siblings, her pets. She loved her favorite nurse, her friends, her community. She loved her stem cell donor. When her journey with cancer began she named it #twentyseven, with the hope of seeing her 27th birthday.

Sometimes cancer can be really ugly. Bree celebrated every single day she had on this earth. And she had more time, four and a half extra years with the people who mean the most to her because she received two blood stem cell transplants—one from her brother, and one from a complete stranger halfway around the world. Behind a disease that too frequently steals time much too quickly, we can also sometimes see the true beauty that lies within each of us.

Bree lives on in the hearts of so many who knew her, and many more who didn’t but were inspired by her story. And even though she’s gone, her memory holds strong.

In honor of Bree, her family carries on with hope and courage to share her story and shows others how to join the registry.

You may be the genetic twin someone like Bree is hoping for today. Join now to find out.

Anyone in good health and between the ages of 18-55 can sign up. Registering takes a matter of minutes, requires understanding what it means IF found to be a matching donor, filling out a form and swabbing the insides of your cheeks.

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It costs us $45 to register a new donor on the US stem cell registry. As a charity, we rely on monetary donations and funds raised by members of the public such as yourself to help cover this cost. To donate, please click the green button.

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