Bone Marrow for Brent

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Bone Marrow for Brent

To know Brent, is to love Brent.

Brent Hull is a son, brother, husband, father, grandfather, friend and beloved by so many! If you can't find Brent at the sawmill, where he has devoted his life to working with his family, you will probably find him tinkering with a car, truck, or tractor, or in his garden. Brent most importantly loves to spend time with his family and especially his four grandchildren.

Brent was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in February of 2023. Amongst a rare bone marrow disorder and a mutation in a gene, these diagnoses were completely unexpectedly found while doing blood work preparing for a knee replacement. Once diagnosed, he started chemotherapy quickly and was told that a bone marrow transplant was highly likely for him and to prepare for this process. In order to give him the best possible chance at finding a match for this bone marrow transplant, we are asking our family, friends, neighbors, and even strangers to consider being placed on the registry. Not only are we hoping to find Brent a match, but so many others are also awaiting a bone marrow match as well. Even if the outcomes in Brent's case are not as we wish, knowing that we could find someone else a match through these efforts is worth it all!

Thank you so much for reading a little about Brent's life. If you feel compelled to register, thank you so much in advance! God bless you!

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