A Perfect Match for Billy

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Finding the Perfect Match for Billy

Billy Paterno, a two-year-old of Point Pleasant, is full of life and sports a smirk that can light up any room. He loves rides in his wagon, playing outside, and dinosaurs.

At the start of the year, he was just like your average toddler. Thanks to his parent's persistence after what they thought were just a few odd sick symptoms, he was shockingly diagnosed with ALL T-cell Leukemia in February (2023).

His diagnosis was followed by an immediate hospital admittance and intensive inpatient chemotherapy. He’s had a bumpy ride with several hospital stays and despite intense treatment, his family recently learned that his leukemia persists. Even with his illness, complications, and intense therapy, Billy has kept his bright determined spirit.

He’s an inspiration to all who know him. He’s recently been transferred to CHOP where he will face his next battle - inpatient hospitalization and preparation for a bone marrow transplant. He’s a fighter and has an army behind him filled with love. “Billy Strong! We Fight Together”

Additionally please take a moment and visit the Paterno family's GoFundMe if you would like to financially assist the family. https://gofund.me/d502f558

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