Matthew with wife, Laura
Matthew with wife, Laura

A Miracle for Matthew

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Matthew's Story

Matthew has dedicated his life to helping others. He NOW needs our help!

Matthew was in the prime of his life when he was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia (TPLL) last year. His chances of surviving the disease are slim unless he can undergo a stem cell transplant within the next few weeks. Matthew needs our immediate actions to ensure his survival.

You might wonder why we have only started this search for a donor now. The donor bank had 3 donors aligned for Matthew, but due to medical reasons all 3 donors are no longer a compatible match. He has been on immunosuppressant medications to prepare him for the marrow transplant, originally scheduled at the end of May, and this process cannot be prolonged much longer.

For years, Matthew has dedicated his life as a Chiropractor to the well-being of his patients and enjoys helping them live happier, healthier lives. Now he needs us! Matthew is strong and full of life, he is an admirable human being and a lovely person who always stands up for those around him.

Time is precious for a person waiting for a stem cell transplant! Every registration means hope and a chance for life! Donating stem cells is EASY! All that is needed is a Cheek Swab to determine if you are a match. The actual donor process is as simple as giving blood. Select REGISTER FOR THIS DRIVE above to answer a few questions and order your kit to your home, swab your cheek and send it in for processing. If you are not currently a resident of the United States, please choose the following link to Find Your Registry.

All donors, regardless of their country, are anonymously screened and compared for possible matches all over the world. Don't wait any longer and register now to save a life!

Matthew with his dog

DKMS Contact Person

Raegan Bell
Donor Recruitment Coordinator

Sign up for a swab kit online. It only takes 5 minutes. You provide hope. We cover the rest.