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Everyday millions of people are born with or get diagnosed with life threatening illnesses that require the gift of care from others to manage and overcome. I first heard about Aisha Chaudhary when I listened to the song "For Aisha" by Memba, this song was written by her brother, in memory of his younger sister, who passed away at 18 from complications of being born with SCID (severe combined immune deficiency) unfortunately she wasn't able to find a match as a baby when she needed and because of this, later developed Pulmonary fibrosis and passed away far too soon. If you are interested in hearing about her story, listening to her Ted talk or experiencing part of her/her families life. You can follow these links...

Unfortunately for patients like Aisha, and many others of ethnic minority, there are not enough donors to match their needs when the time arrives. Currently...less than 30% of donors are a match for African American patients, and less than 50% for Southeast Asians and members of the Latino community. Ethnicity is the key to a perfect match between donor and recipient, It is truly in your blood to help save a life. I am partnering with DKMS, to help change these odds, The vision of DKMS is to fight blood cancer/blood-related disorders, to give the gift of hope to families nation/world wide.

What better gift for the holidays? It is of no monetary cost to you, just a simple swab kit sent out that could change the course of someone's life. Your registration as a donor could be someone's chance at life and happiness. So if you are looking for a cause this holiday season, please consider offering your care.

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Corey Alston
Donor Recruitment Coordinator

Sign up for a swab kit online. It only takes 5 minutes. You provide hope. We cover the rest.