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All Shades Red Rose Conquerors

My name is Cornelia Brown I am a Realtor, Author, Speaker and community activist for the multi-racial family! I believe that we are all connected in some way or another and we are here in this earth at this time because we can make a difference. When I heard how difficult it is to find a bone marrow match 12 years ago for a multi-racial and African American person I knew I had to get involved. I found DKMS and began to connect people from all walks of life to this amazing organization! This year we will have our play "Its all about me" again and it's message is all about love, forgiveness and the need for bone marrow transplants. So, once again with great hope and joy in our hearts my group The "All shades Red Rose Conquerors will work together to find matches. This time we will do so virtually. So, get your swabs, send them in and make a difference.

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Iris Caldwell

Sign up for a swab kit online. It only takes 5 minutes. You provide hope. We cover the rest.