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Josey loves playing outside, skating and riding her scooter with her friends and brothers. She wants to be a doctor, a scientist or a cosmetologist when she grows up. Josey has a rare blood disorder that causes her to need regular blood transfusions and spend most of her time in the clinic or at doctor’s appointments.

Blood cancer patient Josey drawing

The only cure for Josey is a bone marrow/blood stem cell transplant. Sadly, Josey does not have a matching donor in her family and must rely on a total stranger for a second chance at life to grow up and live out her dreams.

If you are in good health and between the ages of 18-55, get swabbed! YOU just might be the ONE person who can save Josey. Signing up as a potential bone marrow/blood stem cell donor takes a matter of minutes and swabbing your cheeks.

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