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Abby's Story

In 2015, former Duke soccer player Abby Pyne had the chance to coach a young girl named Emily at a Duke soccer camp. Emily was later diagnosed with Leukemia and treated at Duke Hospital System, where she ended up undergoing a bone marrow transplant from her sister. Emily’s fight inspired Abby to register as a donor with DKMS at a Duke football game in 2016 and eventually, to go into medicine as a career. Six years later, Abby, now a second year medical student at Duke, got a call from DKMS that she was a match for a patient in need. When asked if she would donate, she said yes and in April of 2023, Abby donated her blood stem cells to help a patient in need. Now, she hopes that sharing her story will help inspire others to register as donors.

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Iris Caldwell

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