DKMS leukemia patient, Frank Dyer, COO of The Potter's House Dallas, Texas
Donor Recruitment Event

Fight for Frank

The Potter's House Ballroom - A, 6777 W Kiest Blvd, 75236, Dallas, Texas
9:00 AM (CDT)
3:00 PM (CDT)

Meet Frank Dyer. He’s the Chief Operating Officer at The Potter's House Dallas – a Dallas megachurch founded by Bishop T.D. Jakes – a life member of Alpha Phi Alpha, a family man, an active community member, a spiritual leader and an educator. He was diagnosed with the beginning stages of blood cancer and began the search for a matching donor immediately.

In looking for his donor match, Frank is facing the challenges of finding a donor due to the lack of diversity in the donor pool. Although this is a fight for Frank Dyer, with 15,000 Americans battling various blood cancers and disorders, we know that there are many “Franks” in our community who are in dire need.

Join The Potter’s House and T.D. Jakes as they rally together on Saturday, October 14 from 9am-3pm at The Potter's House Ballroom A - 6777 W Kiest Blvd, Dallas, TX 75236

Anyone in good health and between the ages of 18-55 can sign up.

Raegan Bell
Donor Recruitment Coordinator