Make your mark for World Blood Cancer Day!

On May 28 is World Blood Cancer Day (WBCD), a global day of awareness dedicated to the fight against blood cancer. Every 35 seconds, someone around the world is diagnosed with blood cancer. DKMS created this independent awareness day in 2014 in order to gain support on an international level – since blood cancer is also, unfortunately, borderless.

In order to show solidarity with blood cancer patients worldwide, we encourage you to make your mark against blood cancer and support DKMS in dedication to WBCD. There are a number of ways to do this, from spreading the word, to sharing the red ‘&’ sign (the official symbol of WBCD), to registering as a donor, donating money or creating your own event.

Show your support for World Blood Cancer Day

As an individual, there are many easy but effective ways you can show your support for the fight against blood cancer. Here are three simple ways to raise awareness for World Blood Cancer Day:

Make a donation

In order to delete blood cancer worldwide, we need charitable donations. Your donation could help provide a blood cancer patient with a second chance at life. Please donate here – every euro counts!

Share on Social Media

Head over to Facebook and implement our WBCD profile picture frame, or join our crowdspeaking campaign on Thunderclap. Spread the word about World Blood Cancer Day via your social media channels – and don’t forget to include the hashtag #wbcd!

Register as a donor

Many people around the world are unable to find a matching stem cell donor. By registering as a potential stem cell donor, one day you could provide a blood cancer patient with a second chance at life. Join the register and be on standby to save a life!

Get involved in World Blood Cancer Day

Additional ways to help include creating an event for WBCD, get a famous building lit red, or think up your own unique idea to celebrate the day. The possibilities are endless, but here are some ideas to get you started:

Organize an event

Raise awareness and funds by organizing an event in your area for World Blood Cancer Day. Anyone can organize an event, whether you are an individual, group or family and whether the event is at university, work, or in your local community. DKMS is here to support you every step of the way.

Spread the word

Last year, the Empire State Building in New York was lit red for WBCD. Does your city have an iconic building which is lit up in honor of certain days or events? Contact them and ask them to light it red for WBCD! Spread the word among your friends, family and colleagues and contact your local newspaper with the story. Don’t forget to share via social media with the hashtag #wbcd.

Tell your story

Were you, or someone you know, affected by blood cancer? Write a blog post, post on social media or submit your story to your local newspaper. Blood cancer can affect anyone at anytime – help us raise awareness and support for this important issue.


Decide on your event Although there are many opportunities for support, events typically fall into two categories – donor drives and fundraising events:

• Donor drives Organize a donor drive with DKMS in order to add new potential stem cell donors to the registry. Raise awareness of blood cancer, educate people on the importance of becoming a stem cell donor, and finally register people to become potential lifesavers. DKMS is with you for each step of the joint donor drive, providing information, materials and onsite support. Afterwards, we can track how many donors were registered.

• Fundraising events Fundraising events can be organized by anyone and can come in all different shapes and sizes. In order for your event to be a success, it is important to educate your supporters and motivate them to join you in the fight against blood cancer. DKMS can support you with advice, information and materials.

Here are some ideas to get you started: - Cake sales - Breakfast, BBQ or picnic with a small donation - Sponsored sports events - Second-hand clothes sales

We encourage you to be creative as possible and welcome new ways of collaboration!

Contact us Please contact us, so we can help to make your event a success. Our dedicated and experienced team members are waiting to support you with advice, information and materials. Please get in touch here: • Name, department, email

Download materials We have created materials dedicated to World Blood Cancer Day, which can be used to promote your event. Please download them below!

[Download empty belly poster]

Add your event to the WBCD World Map Don’t forget to list your event on the official WBCD World Map! Here you can add your event for others to see, browse other events and photos, and share your event via social media. Make your mark for World Blood Cancer Day!

Visit the World Blood Cancer Day website

Visit the WBCD website in order to make your mark against blood cancer. Here you can find out more about blood cancer, and join the global movement by uploading a photo with the red ‘&’ symbol or details of your event to the WBCD World Map. Browse the map to see the international reach of support for World Blood Cancer Day!

Go to website

Thank you!

Find out more about the disease and how you could perhaps save a life.

Register as a potential donor. Perhaps you will soon be able to save a life.

Every registration costs the DKMS 40 euros. As a non-profit organization we need to finance the registration with donations of money. Every euro counts.

Instagram Contest Rules and Regulations

Enter the DKMS-WBCD Instagram Contest! It’s another way to show your support for World Blood Cancer Day and those affected by blood cancers and disorders worldwide.