Help Find Darian’s Lifesaving Donor

A normal day for a third-grader typically includes activities like arts and crafts, running around on the playground during recess, and trading lunches with friends.

For a sickle cell patient, a typical day involves daily doses of penicillin, blood transfusions, and different therapies to decrease pain.

Darian Smith was only 14 days old when he was diagnosed with sickle cell disease. The only thing he wants is to be a “normal" kid.

Sickle cell disease is an inherited disease that involves the red blood cells to have abnormal hemoglobin which causes the cells to become stiff and form a sickle or crescent shape.

Darian suffers daily from complications of sickle cell disease which causes him to be in and out of hospitals.

Because of the pain this illness brings, Darian rarely has time for his favorite hobbies which include playing basketball, being outdoors and skating. When Darian is feeling up to it, he enjoys watching basketball games and reading the newest comic book.

The pain he goes through daily causes a tremendous amount of heartache for his parents.

In order for Darian to have that chance at being a “normal kid,” he needs a bone marrow transplant and he needs one now!

Since the search for his donor began, there have been 2 matches identified. But sadly, both matches were unavailable to continue with their donations.

African Americans only represent 7% of the global donor pool and this makes finding a match for Darian even that much more difficult. Darian’s family is desperate to find his lifesaving match.

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Sickle Cell Disease Quick Facts