7 Things I’ve Found More Uncomfortable Than Donating Blood Stem Cells

May 12

Ellice is a DKMS bone marrow donor and she resides in the United Kingdom.

I first heard about blood stem cell donation in 2018 when a friend of mine had a family member who was diagnosed with blood cancer. At the time, there wasn’t a match on the national bone marrow donor pool, so the family started doing swab drives. They were desperately trying to find a match and I happily went signed up. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a match for my friend’s family member but just before Christmas 2019, I got a call telling me I was a match for someone else and I was absolutely thrilled.

Despite everything, I’ve found that the donation procedure wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought. In an effort to educate others about the process, I’m sharing things that were more uncomfortable than donating blood stem cells. 

7. Bikini Wax

6. Post Bottomless Brunch Hangover

5. First gym session after Christmas

4. Breaking in new shoes

3. PMS Pains

2. Rush Hour Commute

1. Being Near Blue Cheese

With all that in mind, I urge you to consider becoming a potential blood stem cell donor. Learn how you can get started at dkms.org