Chris Needs Your Help

Chris Patient and Family

After recovering from a motorcycle accident in 2017, things were going well for Chris Lewis and his young family. He and his wife, Abby, were both studying to become chiropractors at Parker University. They were enjoying raising Abby's 10-year-old daughter and living a happy and healthy lifestyle. But Chris was experiencing symptoms that could have been anything - tiredness and fever. And because of injuries sustained from his accident - his spleen was removed - Chris needed to see a doctor anytime his fever went over 101. They were never expecting to hear that he has cancer.

Chris was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML), which starts in the bone marrow and can move quickly into the blood. To treat AML, patients can undergo chemotherapy and drug therapies, or, as in Chris' case, need a bone marrow transplant. He knows that finding an unrelated matching donor could take some time, but he also knows that he can raise awareness for others who are also fighting blood cancers and disorders.

Step up and join the fight.