Thank You for Taking the First Step in Our Mission!

DKMS team and ABC7NY

ABC7NY partnered with DKMS to showcase the truly life-saving nature of bone marrow donation. DKMS donor Steven met his 25-year-old bone marrow recipient, Josh, for the first time and the powerful moment highlighted the impact that a seemingly simple decision to swab can have on the life of a patient battling blood cancer. ABC7 is helping to create more stories like Steven and Josh’s by encouraging viewers in the tri-state area to register with DKMS. By completing the registration form below, you could possibly a patient in need lifesaver.

Approximately 70% of all patients in need of bone marrow transplants must find a matching donor outside of their family. The chances of matching with someone are highest when donors are from the same ethnic groups as the patients---- but communities of color—including South Asian, Black or African American, Arab, and Latinx people—are underrepresented in the donor pool. Only 20% of the 20 million registrants reflect communities of color, and the unfortunate reality is that the majority of people in our community will not find a match unless we can significantly increase this number. You can step up to help these patients in need.

Register today! The process is free, easy and the five minutes of your time could end up meaning a lifetime for a patient in need. All it takes is a simple cheek swab to join the registry and potentially save someone’s life. And don’t forget to send back your swabs in the pre-paid envelope!