433, Willi Orban and you for Taio!

Heartwarming surprise by 433 and Willi Orban: Taio was thrilled to receive a visit from RB Leipzig captain Willi!

But the greatest gift and the only chance for a cure for the 3-year-old who suffers from aplastic anaemia, would be a matching stem cell donor. Therefore 433 and Willi Orban urge you to follow Willi's example and register as a stem cell donor!

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Every registration helps to find a match for Taio or others affected by blood cancer.

Blood cancer patient Taio was thrilled to receive a visit from RB Leipzig captain Willi Orban

Taio is three years old, lives in Leipzig (Germany) and was diagnosed with aplastic anamia in the summer of 2022. His only chance of recovery is a stem cell donation. But the search for his genetic twin is proving particularly difficult. Since his dad comes from Cameroon, Taio has rare genetic characteristics.
After the soccer player and RB-Leipzig Captain Willi Orban donated stem cells for a person with blood cancer in February he was keen to help find little Taio's match. Together with 433 they came up with a plan: Surprising Taio and his family with a visit, presents and a video message from Paulo Dybala.
We would like to thank 433, Willi Orban, RB-Leipzig and the Bundesliga for this wonderful campaign. Taio's family is infinitely grateful for the support and for every person who registers as a stem cell donor.