Born in June 2015, Sabrina Andersen was a miracle

September 01

Born in June 2015, Sabrina Andersen was a miracle. Amanda and Matt, Sabrina’s parents, had undergone extensive fertility treatments in hopes of having a child and were ecstatic when they welcomed Sabrina into the world. Every moment spent watching her learn to roll and crawl, gaining independence and developing her fun-loving personality, felt like a blessing.

However; in January, at 7 months old, her parents received news that would turn their world upside down: Sabrina was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML). She began treatment immediately and, while the chemotherapy treatments at Children’s Hospital in Omaha were successful in eliminating the cancerous cells from Sabrina’s bone marrow and spinal fluid, a subsequent biopsy showed that her body was still harboring treatment resistant leukemia. The doctors determined that Sabrina’s best chance for survival was to receive a bone marrow transplant.

Without any matching donors in her family, Sabrina must now turn to the national bone marrow registry in hopes of finding an unrelated donor match. Throughout this difficult process, Sabrina’s parents have remained hopeful. “God wouldn’t give us such a beautiful gift just to take her away,” said Amanda. “So many gracious people have come forward already to lift up Sabrina and my family during this difficult time! I have faith this trend will continue.”

Searches on the registry so far have produced a few promising preliminary matches, but Sabrina still has a long journey ahead of her.