It's a one in a million occurrence

October 02

It's devastating for a parent when their child is diagnosed with a potentially fatal illness, but imagine finding out ALL your children were battling the same disease. For the Murry family from St. Louis, MO, this is their incredibly rare and emotional story.

Sean, Patrick, Danny and Timmy Murry are brothers who are all under the age of 30. They have one more thing in common. All four are battling an extremely rare blood disease called diamond blackfan anemia (DBA) that ultimately requires a bone marrow transplant to survive.

When their parents asked the doctor after having Sean, their eldest son, about the chances of their next child developing DBA, they were told "it's a one in a million occurrence"; they never thought all four children would have the disease.

Now, this Irish family is on a desperate search to find bone marrow donors for the boys. Most people with DBA don't live past their early thirties, so the brothers are in a race against time to find three separate matches (Sean and Patrick are matches for each other and could potentially receive a donation from the same person). The family's outreach efforts have already registered 36,000 people with DKMS as potential donors leading to more than 1,000 matches for other families in need.

Recently, two matching donors were found, but both have fallen through for medical reasons. With no available matches on the donor pool currently available, they are in a race against time to find their life-savers.

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