Global Collaboration Grant

The Global Collaboration Grant is intended to advance our joined effort to help patients in need of a suitable stem cell donor by enhancing the work of donor centers and registries.


The Global Collaboration Grant annually provides one grant for donor centers or registries worldwide. Minimum criteria is a legal body at least in founding. Responsible body for the registry and donor center must be a non-profit corporate body or a legal entity of public law. Applicants from all countries are invited to submit an application. The Grant is funded and administered by DKMS. The Global Collaboration Grant is worth approx. €150,000. The funding year ends on October 31st 2021.

The Grant will include

  • Virtual Training sessions for employees from the registry / donor center for up to 50 hours. The training focus is chosen by the grantee with regard to help more blood cancer patients in need of a matching stem cell donor..
  • Up to € 25.000 for Public Relations activities (production of material, implementation of measures) and donor retention and quality improvement measures which ideally result from the training.
  • 5,000 free donor typings from DKMS Life Science Lab (high-throughput typing with DKMS’ current standard typing profile). Ideally samples gained within funding period, in general the samples must not be older than 2 month.


Please submit your application to via e-mail. All documents must be received prior to August 31st 2020.

Applications will be evaluated for the potential impact of the funding on the patient- and donor-oriented outcome of activities of the grant donee. All documents will be treated confidential. The donee will be announced on October 31st 2020.


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