A Lifesaving Donation Saved Not Just One Life, But Two

April 06

In 2014, Glenn Thornton attended the Treefort Music Fest where he wandered over to a Love Hope Strength booth. Intrigued on the potential opportunity to help someone battling a blood disease, Glenn swabbed and joined the global donor pool.

Simultaneously, Glenn was struggling with his own disease: alcohol addiction. After struggling with addiction for over a decade, Glenn and his wife decided it was time for him to enter a residential treatment center. He was dedicated to receiving the help he needed at the Walker Center for his wife and young child, waiting for him back at home.   

By entering the facility, Glenn had thought he had reached his lowest, but this was only the beginning.

Shortly after entering the facility, Glenn received news that no one should ever have to hear. There had been an accident and Glenn’s son, Errol, was tragically killed. It was at this point, Glenn realized what his lowest actually was.

About 6 months after the loss of his son, Glenn received an unexpected phone call from DKMS letting him know that he was a match for someone in desperate need of a donor. He immediately said yes and described the call as something that saved his life.

I knew that if I could save another family from heartache or loss then it was worth it. - Glenn

The transplant was a success. A year after donating, Glenn received another unexpected call. This time, it was from the man whose life he saved, Todd Irwin. Todd and his wife were so thankful for the donation but ultimately, it was Glenn that wanted to show his thanks to Todd for giving his life meaning again.

On March 25th, 2018, at this year’s Treefort Music Fest, where Glenn’s journey began with a simple swab, the two took the Main Stage and met for the first time in person in what was a very emotional meeting. Both men were so overwhelmed by the gratitude of one another.

Glenn hopes his story inspires others to become potential lifesavers. 

Glenn's story was also covered by the following local news stations at the Treefort Music Festival in Boise, Idaho.

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