Ozzy Osbourne Joins the Fight Against Blood Cancer!

January 23

Singer, song writer and actor Ozzy Osbourne is throwing his support behind the fight again blood cancers and blood disorders by launching his own virtual donor drive.

The former Black Sabbath star has launched the initiative with DKMS, revealing his on-going work with former The Alarm frontman Mike Peters' charity Love Hope Strength, which was created a decade ago to help raise awareness for bone marrow donors. Love Hope Strength is a partner of DKMS.

"Please do me a favor and see if you are eligible to register with Love Hope Strength to be a lifesaving marrow donor for a potential patient in need of a bone marrow match," is Ozzy’s plea to fans on his virtual donor drive webpage.

Ozzy encourages those that are not eligible to be a potential lifesaver can still be a part of the fight by volunteering or donating directly to DKMS on his page.

"With your efforts, we can increase these odds and save more lives. Please join me in supporting patients in need by registering as a bone marrow donor. If you are not eligible to participate, and want to do more, you can support the effort by volunteering at concerts & festivals to get others on the list."

Help other patients in need: Register Now.

Help fund the lifesaving mission of DKMS: Make a Gift