Love for All

DKMS was built on the foundational belief that all it takes to change the world is a willingness to try. Regardless of ones race, gender, creed, or sexual orientation, what truly matters is not just how we identify ourselves, but how we identify with others. In this regard, DKMS is proud to know that, though our donors come from all walks of life, they are united by a common desire to do what they can to alleviate the suffering of anyone.

Too often we can get caught up focusing on those aspects of identity that are different from ours, without acknowledging the deep-rooted truths we all share. We all know what it means to love. What it means to be afraid. What it feels like to lose hope…and find it again. Our donors, without knowing anything about their recipient besides age and gender, know these truths.

In a world that often times seems driven by division, we are proud to be witness to the depth of human compassion and the seemingly boundless generosity of strangers. Stories from across the spectrum act as constant reminders that the bonds that unite us, will always overcome the superficial nature of our differences. We, at DKMS, are honored to share these stories and highlight those donors whose actions spread love, alleviate fear, and bring hope when it’s needed most.


Dear Matene... You Saved My Life!

We Reached Our Millionth Milestone!

Princess Anya the Overcomer


Tamara: Superstar Donor

Tamara Etheridge

I thought about all of the milestones she would not be able to experience

He is now part of my life and I consider him my new little brother

Living the DKMS Mission

Maria Merced

A Lifesaver Meets a True Fighter

Evander Holyfield, Jr.

Christina's Miracle: A Family Saved

Christina and Dianna