Searching for a Superhero

Yusuf is a vibrant little boy who loves sports, animals and Spiderman. In fact, he wears his Spiderman costume whenever he can!

Right now, Yusuf’s parents are desperately searching for a different kind of superhero – a bone marrow donor who can save their son’s life. Yusuf, who turned 6 in 2015, suffers from fanconi anemia – a rare, life-limiting blood disorder that leads to bone marrow failure.

“Doctors say he needs a transplant as soon as possible,” explained his dad, Laki.

Since Yusuf is of Asian heritage, his chances of finding a suitable match are challenging. A patient’s best chance of finding a match is from someone of similar ancestry, and right now, only 7 percent of all registrants are Asian.

"We need more people to register. It’s a life and death situation. This boy has a thirst for life, this boy wants to grow up. He is our little warrior."

Help Yusuf live a long healthy life. Sign up to become a potential bone marrow donor today – you could be his superhero!

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