Tiffany: Beating Sickle Cell

March 21

Tiffany was a little girl who loved going to school, riding her bike and taking dance classes despite fighting sickle cell disease. But by the time she turned 10, she was in crippling pain and couldn’t attend school or continue dancing. When a journalist asked Tiffany what hurt, she answered “Everything, most of the time.”

Tiffany’s only chance for a cure was a bone marrow transplant.With no donor in her family or on the registry, Tiffany’s family turned to DKMS to host donor drives and raise awareness. Her mother spearheaded dozens of drives and conducted interviews with local New York media to inspire more registrations to help Tiffany and others.

After 2 years, a match was finally found and Tiffany got her transplant in 2013. The healthy new blood stem cells engrafted so quickly that Tiffany left the hospital well before the usual 100-day quarantine period.

She is currently doing so well that she participated in a photo shoot for DKMS and proved to be a real model in the making with her winning smile and unending ability to strike a pose. Her mother continues to host drives to help others.