Tamara: Superstar Donor and Spokesperson

October 26

Funny. Quirky. Spontaneous. Tamara Etheridge simply radiates with enthusiasm for life.

“In my family, we throw a party for just about anything -- anniversaries, a good test score, the dog's birthday,” she said. “There's a constant urge to gather and just celebrate everything about life.”

Just imagine how Tamara felt in 2014, when she learned she had the chance to save a life. She was a bone marrow match!

I jumped to the call right away,” she explained with a smile. “You’re saving a life. You’re literally saving a life while you’re still alive.

In 2014, Tamara donated her cells to help a very sick little girl in Europe. Since then, Tamara has used her sparkling personality to spread the word about the urgent need for more young people to join the registry. As one of the faces of the #uniquebecause campaign, she is asking her peers to sign up, stand out, and save a life.

Young people are often the best donors for patients fighting blood cancer,” she said. “Instead of talking about change and waiting around for help, we can make a real difference.

Join the bone marrow donor registry.

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