Cyclists Sound Battle Cry: “Get Cheeky!”

March 21

Champion cyclist Mark Scott has led an active and vibrant life, conquering hundreds of tough races -- including the coveted National Championships -- and winning the love and friendship of the entire cycling community.

"Mark is one of us. An athlete, a friend, a beautiful being with a lot of life in him,” said Olympic Medalist, Dotsie Bausch.

A June, 2015 diagnosis of leukemia thrust his life onto a new and difficult course. “I was cycling five to six days a week, for a minimum of 350 miles,” Mark explained. “How can someone so very active just all of a sudden have cancer?”

When several rounds of aggressive chemotherapy failed to beat his cancer into remission, Mark learned that a bone marrow transplant was his only hope for survival.

But first, a matching donor must be found.

To help Mark find his lifesaver and get back on his bike, healthy and strong, his fellow cyclists have sounded the battle cry, holding bone marrow registration drives in southern California.

While the search for a match continues, Mark’s good humor and giving spirit have inspired his friends and family to register as many people as possible.

“Every time you talk to Mark about finding a match, he immediately turns the conversation to finding a bone marrow match for every person fighting blood cancer,” explained Bausch. “He’s the first one to say ‘It’s not about me, it’s about everyone. You can save a life, not just mine, but somebody’s life, just by swabbing.’”

There’s a term in cycling -- to be clever is to be cheeky. So now, we’re asking everyone to ‘get cheeky, get registered, get swabbed!

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