Joshua Meets His Match

April 16

Joshua was diagnosed with lymphoma at the age of 9 in January 2006. He was first treated with chemotherapy, radiation and steroids, but the cancer came back and his only hope was a bone marrow transplant. Despite the worries and fears surrounding treatment and the search for a match, Joshua, now in his later teens says, “I don’t remember being scared. I just wanted to be normal.”

The search for a donor kept the whole family in limbo. “We waited for a donor, practically hoping for someone to fall out of the sky and say, ‘Hey, I’m your match.' About two and half months later, a near-perfect match was found. All Joshua knew about his donor was that he was a guy.

That guy was Aaron, whom Joshua got the opportunity to meet about a year after leaving the hospital. For both, the meeting was an amazing moment that forged a deep connection. The two teamed up to help with a bone marrow donor drive. Joshua calls Aaron his lifesaver and Aaron says donating and meeting Joshua, “Changed my life.”