10 for 10 Million

One thing that is not changing in today’s world is the need for more lifesaving bone marrow and blood stem cell donors. Patients all over the world are still searching for the hero that will give them a second chance at a healthy life. You can join us in giving those patients hope by helping to register donors through our 10 for 10 Million More program.

Invite friends to sponsor a kit and register 10 MORE potential life savers in their circle.

How does it work? It’s easy...and contactless! You don’t have to work alone though.

  1. Complete the form below to reach a DKMS donor recruiter. Within 2 business days, we will reach out to help you get started!
  2. Set a manageable goal with your coach. DKMS will send you a tote bag of supplies containing 10 contactless registration kits to be used within one week. It’s free! There are no costs to you for the supplies!
  3. Start swabbing! You will contact your friends, family, colleagues, classmates, or anyone in your network! Your drive coach will be in touch the whole time with training and tips to meet your goals.
  4. At the end of one week, send the toes back to DKMS. Again there is no cost to you!

The best part?

Knowing that you’re helping cancer patients and people all over the world by giving them the hope they need to keep fighting.

Every day, DKMS provides 20 lifesaving blood stem cell transplants all around the world. With many medical setbacks due to COVID-19, there patients need our help now more than ever. We want to give you the opportunity to safely join the fight in giving patients a chance at life. Every registered donor may be the ONE person a patient in need in need is waiting for to help save their life.

Makaella Fischer - DKMS Donor

When I got the email close to 4 years after registering, I went completely numb for a moment out shock. I immediately called my parents to tell them. The cause is so close to home being that my sister-in-law had childhood leukemia, I expected them to understand. My family was super supportive about the donation and couldn’t believe how blessed I am to be able to share this experience with someone. Their continuous love and support every day made me feel confident that I was doing the right thing. Registering to be a donor is such a small thing to do for the big impact it has. Giving the gift of life is something I could never regret.


Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Donation

This is the donation method used in 75% of cases. Peripheral Blood Stem Cell (PBSC) donation is a non-surgical, outpatient procedure that collects blood stem cells via the bloodstream. These same blood-forming cells found in bone marrow are also found in the circulating (peripheral) blood. It takes about 4-8 hours on 1-2 consecutive days.

Bone Marrow Donation

This is the donation method used in about 25% of cases, generally when the patient is a child. It is a 1-2 hour surgical procedure performed under anesthesia, so no pain is experienced during the donation. Marrow cells are collected from the back of your pelvic bone using a syringe.

About DKMS


  • We create awareness of blood cancer diseases and treatments.
  • We recruit stem cell donors to give those in need of a stem cell donation a second chance at life.
  • We engage the public as well as companies to organize donor registration events.
  • We raise funds to increase both the size and diversity of the worldwide pool of available stem cell donors.
  • We help to improve blood cancer treatment – through our own research and state-of-the-art technology in our laboratory
  • We maintain our donor relationship from day one of registration until stem cell donation.

Other Ways to Help

100% of every gift you make helps us recruit more potential lifesavers.

Encourage Friends

Word of mouth is a powerful force in raising awareness and registering donors.

We need more lifesavers, Host a drive to help us register potential marrow donors.

Inspire Others