At DKMS we are on a mission to delete blood cancer.

Every 3 minutes, an American is diagnosed with blood cancer. Only 30% of them will find a donor match in their family and the rest must rely on the kindness of strangers.

Strangers like Ray Harkins, host of 100 Words or Less, who donated marrow to a person he had never met.

We'll let him take the story from here:

“I was leaving my son’s karate class one day and at a open house for my local police department, there was a tent set up for joining the bone marrow registry. I was curious about the process and give blood on a regular basis, so I figured that this would be one more thing I could potentially help others with. The process of getting into the registry took less than 5 minutes and it felt good to be a part of something larger than myself.

The process of the actual donation was extremely simple as well. While I never got to meet my match, that didn’t matter to me as I was happy to contribute to someone else’s life in ways that I never even knew possible. Trust me in saying that any discomfort I felt while getting the marrow removed was NOTHING in comparison to the positive feelings of potentially saving a person's life.

I urge everyone that has the empathy to love and care to consider being a part of the registry. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”



It costs $65 to process each donor on the registry.

Every gift we receive goes to growing the donor registry by covering that processing fee.